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INKubator is a space created to support women of color in developing new work for the stage and screen.

We know how it feels to have the idea, the passion, the drive, but not the support and we'd like to change that. 

INKubator provides practical tools for our members including a resource library, mentorship opportunities, developmental guidance and community grants so our members can get down to the business of creating.

INKubator. Feed Your Dream.



The INKubator team has researched opportunities throughout the country and created individual databases for residencies, grants, fellowships and collaborators in order to create the infrastructure for your dream can take flight. These databases continue to grow and are available to all our members. 


Success takes more than having talent. It requires building relationships and understanding how to navigate the institutions which support and showcase our art both on a personal and professional level. INKubator has recruited a team of mentors with decades of industry experience to provide guidance to our members.


 INKubator provides space for artists to share ideas and problem solve while showcasing and supporting each others work.  In 2021 we will be launching the INKubator Community Grants program, a monthly funding opportunity exclusively for members and voted on by your fellow artists.