I've always had a love of storytelling but when I decided to seriously pursue being a writer I didn't know where to start.

I wrote a musical on pure instinct and didn't have the first idea how to find a collaborator, the ins and outs of self-producing or the mechanics of the business. Worst of all I had no mentors, women who looked like me to show the way. Slowly but surely I figured it out.

I started INKubator so talented writers behind me wouldn't have that stumbling block. So here it is. A resource database for aspiring writers to get educated and find help so they can focus on creating the beautiful stories that live inside them.

INKubator will grow as we do.


Jae Broderick



Jae Broderick, Founder

Jae is a Jamaica-born, New York City-based playwright, director and multi-hyphenate. Her work explore the role of women in societies across generations. Her greatest hope is that INKubator will be a destination point for the discovery of the thrilling, untold stories by women of color.  


Tamara is a Philadelphia based change maker always seeking ways to uplift and honor the voices of the invisible.  After years of performing on stage, TV, and film, she founded Gumbo Lab, a space and platform dedicated to BIPOC artists, dedicated to centering women, gender non-conforming, and non-binary writers. 


Denisse is a DMV based actor and theatre artist. She is a strong advocate of women of color creating space for themselves in all areas of theatre and hopes that her research for INKubator will help other early-career artists in their professional development.

Tamara Anderson, Advisor

Denisse Peñaflor, Researcher




Scot Reese, Advisor

Scot is the Head of Theatre Performance at the University of Maryland, College Park and a Kennedy Center Artist. His focus is Black theatre, directing, and musical theatre. Scot’s professional theatre and television credits span from Los Angeles to New York and his many accolades include a 1991 Emmy Award for individual achievement in performance. 


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